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All True Dragon Fans
United States
Current Residence: Anywhere dragons reside
Favourite photographer: The tasty one who managed to catch a picture of us...*urp*
Operating System: Draco XP (why not?)
Personal Quote: Poke not thine nose into the affairs of dragons, for thou art crispy and good with ketchup.
Welcome to Dragon-Friends. This is a club dedicated to Draconic art, be it anthro, Western, Oriental, or any other kind of dragon. The only stipulation is that the creators of this club check out the art and agree that it is indeed a dragon.

Items of Importance


Hello this is :iconelfwolfproductions:  If anyone other than :iconfoxiful: has recieved a rude email recently please tell me what you were trying to do and what was said so I can sort it out.  I think our password might have gotten into the hands of somone other than our admin and this in turn has turned out bad.  Alright that said Lets welcome our newest members...

:iconteckla-frost: :iconazuldragon: :iconketutar:  :iconcelticessences: :icondeisophia: :icondragonsculptor:

Also due to my absence and :iconvalerius:'s never getting on anymore I would like to add a new Admin.  Now dont send me notes or anything I have already picked an admin to help out with the club...


is now the new assistant admin of this little humble club.  Also that contest I mentioned earlier...  No one entered so it is still going on.  I am setting the new deadline to 0ctober 31st.  Which is pretty much the end of fall and the start of winter.  Feel free to add a christmas aspect to it.

Oh and everyone from now on if the club looks like it hasn't been tended to in a month or so note me so i will remember to come do my job


:iconelfwolfproductions: Journal Entry

Please do not Fave pictures here.  If you would just follow the link back to the original owners page and fave there that would make the workload on us easier.  It is not required but it is a favor really for artists to have their work faved on their pages.  So they at least know who likes their work.  Thank you for your time.


:iconelfwolfproductions: Journal Entry

Right then ...  Once again I am proving to be a very inactive admin.  Alright I had a member update stuff for me but now I have gone ahead a canceled the before contest.  It is a new year and I am not really sure how many members we have.  But I am going to hold a new contest for the lot of us.  Um...  so now here is the contest

Theme: Dragons in the Winter

Yeah I know original...  Draw a wintery dragon.  Can be doing just about anything as long as it is something you do in the winter time.  Can be any media as long as it has color.  No sketches please...  They will be discarded.  Anyways...

3 prizes

1st prize - A free full color with back grough 11x14 commision of anything of you choice from me 2 character limit. Or a large sized sculpture of just about anything.  No people on sculpture please.

2nd prize - A full color no back ground 11x14 commision of anything, 2 chara limit, from me.  Or a medium sculpture

3rd prize - An inked or basic color 8x10 commision up to 2 charas.  or a small sculpture.  


Um lets set the dead lind for end of March.  Yeah March 31 sounds good.  

Alright have at ye...


I've started a podcast recently, called "Valerius: DragonCast".  Please check it out at and subscribe through iTunes!

~(^.=.^)~  Valerius, club founder


Members, we are still holding the "100th Member" contest, and we still have no entries.  I implore you to please make some submissions!  :iconelfwolfproductions:'s offer is still valid, and we would really like your participation!

-Valerius, Club founder


If you would like to join, please send us a note!  We cannot keep up with requests posted in the deviant Comments section.  Thank you.


Sonartoo's Journal Segment

All right...  I know I am not the most active admin you will ever ever see in a life time...  But it has been decided.  Me and :iconvalerius:  Have decided that from now on, the member and contest duties are split between us.  And I get the contest duties.  And the contest that is up bugs me...  What is a contest without prizes?  So I am adding prizes....  Yip Yip...  Both banner and icon winners will receive a free dragon request traditionally colored by yours truly...  Maybe in future contests I will have subscriptions...  but for the moment this is the be I can do.  

Also on another note we will be making banner graphics for the club's journal...  These are already planned out and are to be done by someone already chosen...  So please do not ask...  

Upcoming Contest

As we near 100 members, be thinking of an icon and/or DevID for the club.  Winner(s) will receive the honor of having their Icon and/or ID as the club's Icon/ID for the next 100 members.

Submissions to the contest must have the artist's name in the title, as well as the word "Contest."  One Icon and one ID will be chosen by popular vote among members and other deviants.

Fire up those pencils, pens, and computers, folks!  This is a big one!

Two winners will get a free dragon request from :iconelfwolfproductions:  and the prizes will be sent out to whoever wins them and will be colored traditionally...  either by paint or by colored pencile depending on level of difficulty of pic.  Have fun one and all...  And start getting your entries in soon...  Remember contest closes with the 100th member.

Rules of the club

1.  Only dragon pictures or pictures containing dragons may be submitted.
2.  No porn
3.  When you are given the password to submit works, ONLY use it to submit works.  Otherwise, you may be removed from the club without notice and the password changed.
4.  When you make a submission, SIGN IT!!  Otherwise, you may not receive full credit for the work you may have spent a very long time on.
5.  All forms of art are permitted, but please limit poetry and prose submissions.
6.  As a member, please put the avatar in your journal!
7.  Enjoy yourself!

Thank you.

The Story Behind the Club:  Required Reading for new members…

See our members list here!…

We are now up to 109 members, 4 leaders, and 8 affiliates.


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hey check out my dragons

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Dragons forever!! *turns into my Inner Dragon, Kizuoa & roars out* ^^
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hi thar, i just watched the club, but i'm not gonna be able to get much content up, so don't bother about sending me the password for submissions ^^
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